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Batteria Joyetech eGo ONE V2 Visualizza ingrandito

Batteria Joyetech eGo ONE V2

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Batteria Joyetech eGo ONE V2 da 1500 mAh

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eGo ONE V2 Battery
eGo ONE V2 Battery
eGo ONE V2, as the new version of eGo ONE, presents you with two optional modes: direct output and constant voltage output along with advanced dual circuit protection. The simplicity and efficiency make the eGo ONE V2 outstanding and unique.
Length: 76.50/91.50mm
Color: Silver, Black, White, Red, Blue, Orange
eGo ONE V2
Direct Output Mode and Constant Voltage Output Mode
Being simple to operate and wonderful in vaping, eGo ONE V2 applies two modes: Direct Output mode and Constant Voltage Output mode. When powered off, long press the fire button to shift between direct output mode (white light) and constant voltage output mode (orange light). Release the fire button to choose the current mode.

eGo ONE V2 Battery
eGo ONE V2 Battery
Dual Circuit Protection
eGo ONE V2 applies two sets of battery protection circuit system, realizing overall battery protection of over-charging, over-current and
over-discharging, which makes it more Advanced and reliable.
eGo ONE V2 Battery
Battery display function
The light will flash slowly or stay lit when battery quantity is high, on the contrary, the light flashes in frequency.
eGo ONE V2 Battery
eGo ONE V2 Battery
Simply charge the eGo ONE V2 by connecting it with a PC or Joyetech wall adapter via USB cable. 
eGo ONE V2 Battery

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