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Cotone Kendo Vape Gold Edition Visualizza ingrandito

Cotone Kendo Vape Gold Edition

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Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition

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7,50 € tasse incl.

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Welcome to Kendo Vape Cotton! 剑道電子タバコ用の綿

The no.1 Japanese vape cotton that brings vaping to a whole new level. Kendo Vape Cotton's superiority gives you the pleasure of vaping.

"A Class Of Its Own" 

We are pleased to announce two new editions to the Kendo Family, known as the Gold Edition and Eco Pack. The Kendo Gold Edition comes in a metre long of cotton strands, which is now easier to wick! The Kendo - Eco Pack is the smaller packing of the Kendo Original (Blue), comes in a pack of 2 grams of cotton, sharing the same genetics and features but more affordable!

  • Why Kendo Vape Cotton?

    After various testing processes and experiments by hardcore vapers, our cotton is proven to be the best quality vaping cotton you can get. Our cotton is proven to be heat-resistant as it will not burn easily like other cotton does.

    You can now do long pulls at high wattages without your cotton going dry as Kendo Vape Cotton has 2x better e-juice absorption.

    Vapers do not have to replace the old cotton with a new cotton in order to change flavour because Kendo Vape Cotton has low flavour retention which allow vapers to change flavour easily.

    Fed up changing cotton frequently? Don't worry as our cotton will last 2x longer than any other cotton! (Proven by vapers!)

    hanging-scroll-pde039-3%20copy.jpgKendo Vape Cotton is 100% unbleached and tasteless. Thus, you will not taste any cotton taste as there is no bleaching agent being used in this organic cotton.

    Samples of our cotton tested by Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM), a organisation entrusted by Malaysian Government for standards and quality, as well as Malaysia Agriculture Research and Development Institute (MARDI), a Malaysian government body under the Minitstry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry, found no traces of pesticide residue and bleaching agent.

    It is always ready to use, no boiling needed! This perimum quality vape cotton is far different from ordinary facial cotton!

    Vape Safe, Vape Healthy, Vape with Kendo Vape Cotton!

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