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Batteria GS-eGo 2 2200 mAh Visualizza ingrandito

Batteria GS-eGo 2 2200 mAh

Nuovo prodotto

Batteira GS-eGo 2 da 2200 mAh. Potenza in uscita 3.7 V.

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16,90 € tasse incl.


Bigger than bigger 

GS EGO II 2200mAh Battery, a powerful way to vape!

Full colour range in stock, ready to go at any_time. 
HGB real 2200mAh battery
 Fully tested before shipment

Original GS-H2 atomizer developer 
GreenSound released the GS EGO
II 2200mAh battery on 1st September 2014 with a record
30,000 units sold within the first 24 hours!

We launched the GS eGo Series Battery five years ago with excellent quality, fully guaranteed for one year. 

Today, our eGo Battery series includes over 50 different models in a range capacities with nearly 8,000 shops in over 40 countries now selling our eGo batteries.

REAL 2200mAh  One-Step 
Full One-Year Guarantee

The GS eGo II 2200mAh battery uses  genuine, high quality 2200mAh battery material. Every single battery has a built-in system with a unique bar code which shows the production date, battery model and most importantly the "GS" original manufacturer’s mark. 

We provide a one-year, full guarantee on every GS eGo battery. We promise our customers  that each battery is produced within one month prior to the purchase date,  ensuring the best possible  battery performance!


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