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Geek Vape Tab Pro

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Geek Vape Tab Pro.

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521 Tab Pro main picture

Tab Pro is a powerful portable ohm reader platform for enthusiast coil builders. It is a multi-functional

device that acts as an ohm meter reader, voltage drop checker, rebuilding station

and firing test station. Tab Pro has a rotatable connecter to allow easy access

for coil building, testing and usable as a temporary mod.

521 Tab Pro main feature

90° rotatable connector,

adjustable position to suit personal preference.

521 Tab Pro rotatable

Strengthened pin and more accurate resistance reading.

Geekvape 521 Tab Pro

Sleek design with extremely durable high grade material.

521 Tab Pro matte surface

Usable as a temporary mod to test builds.

521 Tab Pro can be a temporary mod
521 Tab Pro Parameter
521 Tab Pro overview

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